Company Profile

Radius Media Group, LLC

31 West Congress Street
Suite 303

Savannah, Georgia 31401

Founded: 2001


Say hello to the latest Matterport 3D technology in Savannah Georgia!

Axis 3D Tours raises your marketability in Savannah with Matterport to the next level with the latest in 3D virtual reality immersion.  Your clients will be able to virtually tour any establishment, property, yacht, RV, and more via the web, smart phone or other virtual reality platforms as if they have stepped through the looking glass.  With the click of a mouse or touch of a finger, viewers can maneuver through a location as if they are actually onsite.  This cutting-edge technology offers the ability to rotate around a space at 360 degrees, climb stairs, pass through doorways and zoom in to the most infinite detail. The perspective is both a tactile connection and emotional experience.

In addition to touring a floor plan from anywhere at your leisure, this Matterport 3D immersion technology features an exterior “dollhouse” view, a modern cross section in reality photography.  The dollhouse image also rotates and offers zoom-in functions on each floor and every room. There is no other 3D photography process that offers this interactive ability in such unsurpassed quality.